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We would like to apologize if you encountered a problem with one of our products. We strive to deliver the best experience for our customers. If you email us with a detailed description of your problem, we can use this information to help make our products better.


In the mean time you may find some more immediate help by visting our user forums on Facebook .

Here are some quick anwers to some commonly asked questions.

I encountered a crash/bug/glitch while playing a game.

We are committed to maintaining the quality of our products, if you did encounter a problem we are interested in hearing about it. Please email as many details as you can about the problem to support@digitaldnagames.com . Including what you were doing in the game, any information that the game presented to you (crash screen, videos, screen shots etc . We thank you for helping us improve our products.

I am having trouble connecting to online games.

Be Patient. It can take a while to connect to games on Xbox Live. At peak times this can take 30-60 seconds to connect to a game.

I caught someone cheating in a game, is there anything you can do?

We strive very hard to make our games a worthwhile competitive experience for all players. Although there is very little we can do about particular players, if you point out an exploit to us we will make an effort to fix it. Email the details of the exploit to support@digitaldnagames.com , again the more information the better, i.e. video examples, screen shots.

I am having problems/unsatisfied with a game I just purchased and would like a refund.

Currently the Xbox Live system does not allow refunds. We are truly sorry you didn’t fully enjoy our product,  we encourage you to participate in the user discussions in our online forums  to help us make our future products better.

Do you need help making levels/Art/Game Ideas?

Email: careers@digitaldnagames.com