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Death Toll
Part Royale, part Capture the Flag, with a focus on vehicle combat, Death Toll pits you and other players together in a large hostile open world with a single mission; escape the island! Starting with nothing but your cunning and will to survive, you'll roam the island scavenging weapons and supplies needed to survive. Can you win this race of arms superiority and get out with your life, or are you doomed to die alongside the other captives left behind?

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CastleMiner Warfare PC
Build and fight with your avatar against 15 of your friends and enemies in the PVP sequel of the best selling CastleMiner series, CastleMiner Warfare. Customize your character with a set of un-lockable weapons, kill streaks and perks similar to Call of Duty MW3, in levels that you can fully build, destroy or share online, similar to Minecraft. Complete with fluid physics such as flowing water, and spreading fire.

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CastleMiner Z PC
The best selling Xbox Indie Game of all time is now available on the PC! CastleMiner Z is an online coop survival horror game in a block based environment. Travel with your friends in a huge, ever-changing world and craft modern weapons to defend yourself from dragons and the zombie horde!

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DigitalDNA Zombies
What else is there to say? Journey through a huge dynamic and destructible open world which is different every time you play. Join three of your friends while fighting off the zombie horde as you try to find safe places to spend the night and recharge. Each player can choose between one of four player classes each with different weapons and abilities.

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 Guitar Tuner 360
Turn your Xbox into a digital chromatic tuner.

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 Ask Angela!
I don’t have a crystal ball, but Angela does! If you are lucky she will tell you your future.